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Consumers want more healthy foods. Although price, quality and taste will always be important, the food landscape is changing and consumers are becoming increasingly health savvy. Yet discriminating between foods based on their healthiness can be complex and time consuming.

The Heart Mark can identify your product not only as a healthier choice, but also set your product apart from your competitors within the same product line. The Heart Mark logo is the most recognisable health endorsement on food products in South Africa. The brand has built trust and credibility over 25 years and operates with approval from the National Department of Health.

The application process for the Heart Mark is taken very seriously by the Foundation. The applicant is required to submit products to a SANAS accredited laboratory for testing (some exceptions apply). Laboratory results are assessed by our dietitians to confirm that the product complies with our strict nutritional criteria.

Category-specific criteria for saturated and trans fat, added sugar, sodium and fibre are based on international dietary guidelines. If a product meets all the relevant nutritional criteria to be endorsed, packaging is reviewed to ensure it is in line with the advertising and labelling regulations set by the Department of Health.

For more information please complete the enquiry form below. We will contact you to discuss the process in more detail before you lodge a formal application or incur laboratory costs. The application is treated as highly confidential.

For more information, please contact the Heart Mark Department on 021 422 1586 or email us at renee@heartfoundation.co.za.

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