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Cooking from the heart

The HSF in partnership with Pharma Dynamics is proud to present Cooking from the heart 1 and 2. We recognise that making healthy choices is not always that simple. As a result, we initiated the development of this guide to support home cooking in a way that is culturally popular, affordable and surprisingly tasty. The recipes contained in the books are delicious, easy to make, affordable, and most importantly, not damaging to the health of you and your family.

For Cooking from the heart 1, we collected recipes of South African family favourites to celebrate our country’s diverse palate, with adaptations by Chef Heleen Meyer and HSF dietitians. The Medical Research Council and the Chronic Disease Initiative in Africa at the University of Cape Town also provided valuable input and research for the project. Cooking from the heart 2 on the other hand features delicious recipes created by Chef Heleen Meyer for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  The recipes featured in both editions have been adapted by the HSF dietitians to ensure they remain healthy for the heart, without compromising on flavour. These tasty and heart-healthy recipes are a must-have in South African households. 

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