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Does HSFSA do screenings? Do you participate in health days/wellness events?

One of the key messages of the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA is to encourage people to “Know their numbers”. This means knowing your risk level for some of the major causes of cardiovascular disease, specifically high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight/obesity and diabetes (high blood glucose levels).

The HSFSA aims to make these tests more accessible to the public, via our screening programme. Screening helps to identify people at risk for cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) so that they can take action to decrease their risk. Free blood pressure checks are done by our trained nurses and lifestyle advice is given in places that people commonly frequent, such as shopping centres and sporting events. Sponsored screenings may involve checks for other risk factors, for example high cholesterol. The HSFSA also participates in wellness events at corporate functions as well.

Can HSFSA help in fundraising? Is HSFSA a donor organization?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA is a non-governmental public benefit organization. We fund our vital activities through fundraising and are grateful to our generous sponsors who help us to achieve our mission. Our partnerships with all levels of government, other NGOs, survivor groups, academic institutions as well as the private sector assists us in achieving our mission: to raise awareness, educate people, and drive research on the benefits and characteristics of a healthy lifestyle. We are therefore not a donor organization but would like to assist where we can in other ways – for example, providing health information, doing health talks and making health screenings available to the public.

Can you help with support groups for heart patients?

Click here to view a list of rehabilitation centres and support groups.

Tell me about Heart and Stroke Foundation SA (HSFSA). Is the HSFSA a Government Organisation? How is HSFSA funded?
  • The HSFSA is a non-governmental, public benefit organisation.
  • Statisitics show that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer of South Africans after HIV/AIDS. We therefore believe that our activities are critical in the context of poor lifestyle choices made by many South Africans as it increases their risk for heart attack and stroke.
  • Our vision is to create a future where South Africans adopt healthy lifestyles to reduce the number of people who die from CVD.
  • Our mission is therefore to raise awareness, educate and drive research on the benefits and characteristics of a healthy lifestyle so that fewer South Africans experience disability or die from CVD.
  • The HSFSA is a non-profit organisation and we depend on fundraising to fund our vital work. We are very grateful to our generous sponsors whose support is essential to help us to spread the healthy living message.