Heart Mark

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Getting to the heart of the Heart Mark

When shopping for food it is often hard to know which items to choose

While you may have seen the red and white Heart Mark on some food products in the supermarket, do you know what is really at the heart of the Heart Mark? 

What does it stand for – and why does it matter?

What is good or bad for you? 

CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) Professor Pamela Naidoo explains why we have the Heart Mark: 

“Reading food labels and lists of ingredients requires time and advanced knowledge in nutrition, which many consumers don’t have. The Heart Mark offers the consumer a tool to make choosing healthier foods easier.” 

Why is the Heart Mark such a valuable tool? 

  • The Heart Mark takes all the guesswork out of choosing products that are good for your health, and especially for your heart. 
  • Products must meet specific nutritional requirements, backed by sound science, in order to be allowed to carry the Heart Mark. 
  • The Heart Mark is used to identify healthier choices when buying anything from bread to baked beans to breakfast cereal. 
  • With around 500 different Heart Mark products to choose from across 59 different food categories, options carrying the Heart Mark can be found for most food types. 

A change of heart is needed 

Bottom line - the Heart Mark appears on products to help us identify healthier foods which can make all the difference to your heart health. This in turn will help cut South Africa’s huge and preventable losses to heart disease and strokes. 

-     The Heart Mark Team