Heart Mark

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Our mascot Hearty has been part of the Foundation for many years. He brings a fun side to teaching children about living a healthy lifestyle.

2012 saw the development of an exciting new educational tool for children, in the form of a DVD, “Hearty’s Birthday Party”.  Hearty, our own much-loved mascot, and his friends teach children heart healthy habits.  This is presented in a fun way, and highlights include Hearty training with the Ajax Cape Town soccer team, and talking to soccer star, Matthew Booth.

In recognizing that children are being influenced to make unhealthy choices and are the targets of unscrupulous marketing tactics, Hearty aims to positively influence children, parents and care-givers. Together with close partners and sponsors, Lucky Star, Helios, and Caxton Magazines made it possible for the distribution of 200,000 copies of the DVD in Bona  and Your Family magazines.


Please contact us on heart@heartfoundation.co.za to find out more about the Hearty DVD and to make arrangements for our Hearty mascot to visit your school.

Read more about heart health in children here.