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We chose to build the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s new website using the Drupal content management system.

An open source platform, Drupal has been used as the foundation for millions of websites the world over ranging from the White House to the Economist.

The platform consists of over 18 000 pre-configured themes and modules which have been created by a community of over 20 000 active developers. As a user we were able to pick the components which best suited our needs and our web designers were then able to modify them and style them to build a web site that delivered all the functionality we were looking for.

We chose to use Drupal for a number of reasons. As a registered charity and non-governmental organisation, we actively support the open source movement as it offers a viable alternative to proprietary software.

There is a large community of companies and individuals who work with Drupal internationally and here in South Africa - our website developers, Rogerwilco being one of the larger teams of South African developers.

The content management system is easy to use and allows our own staff to edit pages and update information. A further consideration was that Drupal is scalable. As organisations evolve, so do the needs and requirements of their websites. The knowledge that building the site in Drupal gives us the ability to expand and enhance functionality without going through a wholesale rebuild is particularly reassuring for a charity.