Heart Mark

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A heart attack and so much more

My name is Dale Williams and I became diabetic at the tender age of 25 - I developed a thirst. My father passed away from diabetic complications therefore I am well aware of the causes, effects and predispositions affecting me.  Over the years I developed complications of my own such as a heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure which opened me up to another long list of risks. My ordeal continued with a double bypass, two laser eye surgeries, kidney failure, dialysis, a kidney and pancreas transplant, a partial amputation of my foot and last but sincerely not last, depression.

I was encouraged by my doctors and friends to write a book about my journey and today that booked is called DIABETES: How It Saved My Life. The hardest battle was my fight with depression. Unfortunately no one ever relates DIABETES to depression. With Diabetes you have to monitor your blood sugar, food intake, exercise, all the while trying to remain positive for your friends and family, constantly feeling like a burden can make you lose your self-worth. I made a conscience decision to reach deep down inside and not feel sorry for myself. Life is about living so I had to ask those fundamental questions: what did I want to do, what did I want to accomplish etc. I realized that life was like an hourglass with time running out. You have a limited amount of time on this earth and I wanted to do as much as possible before I go.

Diabetes inspired me to write 4 cookbooks, my reward is knowing that even if one person can benefit from my efforts then none of my difficulties have been in vain. My message to anybody that has any type of illness is live life the best of your ability, live clean and functionally.