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That life changing memory etched in my mind forever - Mpho Mkhale

The 12th of December 2014, will be etched in Mpho Mkhale’s memory as the day that changed her life forever as it started off with a dizzy spell while in the lavatory one day at a work presentation.  Colleagues came to assist her as soon as she managed to get out of the loo. 

The ambulance arrived and the next thing Mpho remembered was waking up in the hospital where she was told she had suffered a stroke. Mpho suffered immobility on the left side of her body and received a great deal of rehabilitation from speech, occupational and physiotherapists. 

By 22 December 2014 Mpho was admitted into a rehabilitation facility and received a great deal of care until 12 March 2015 where she is proud to now be able to mostly walk without the aid of a stick - some days her left leg feels tight and walking is not easy; she goes to the toilet unaided; she is able to bath and get dressed by herself; and exercise daily. 

Mpho says: “I am seeing a physiotherapist and psychologist, I take medication for my high blood pressure and diabetes, I eat very little carbs and mostly vegetables” Mpho continues in saying: “It’s a long road ahead, though I now acknowledge how far I have come, and I am eternally grateful to all the medical staff who played a role in saving me.”