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Survivor Stories

Living life to the full

by Seung-Ah Ahn   Hi, my name is Matele Mpuru, I’m a 60 year old woman and I have been a teacher for more than 25 years. A career path I chose and am very passionate about. As a teacher I have not limited myself in teaching one subject but chose to influence young minds through teaching English, Mathematics, Afrikaans, History and with Art being my greatest passion.  

The True Test of Love

  By Duone Swart How do we measure how much we are loved by another human being? Is it in the way they make us laugh? The sound of their voice? The choice of words they use to tell us how they are feeling? Sometimes, love must endure the true test, when words cannot be used anymore to describe your feelings and where the true nature of a relationship is tested. Such a story is not too farfetched. Jan and Laverne Augustyn bare testament to this. Let’s start at the beginning…  

The biggest challenge of my life

By George Scola, stroke survivor and founder of the Stroke Survivors Foundation.

From netball to nothing... and back again!

Kana Hanna, 57, lives in Mitchells Plain with her husband and her family. Kana was a school teacher for 33 years, and has been active all her life, running the school netball team, and standing as treasurer of the Western Cape Netball team. However, Kana’s life changed on 16 April 2012 when she suffered a stroke.

It's only a headache...

Lillian Yon is 42 years old, and lives in Hout Bay, Cape Town, with her husband and family. She worked for Oceana Group for 25 years. However, Lillian suffered a stroke which changed her life. It all started in September 2010 when Lillian developed headaches. She went to the doctor, who prescribed pain killers for migraines. However, the headaches continued for over two weeks. Lillian felt extremely tired and battled to talk properly.

Finding her voice again

Maria Petersen, age 60 years, lives in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, with her husband and her family. However, Maria’s life changed in2009, when she suffered a stroke after having a triple heart bypass operation. For years, Maria didn’t take as much care of her lifestyle as she should have. She didn’t drink or smoke, but she often ate unhealthily and didn’t do exercise. It wasn’t until Maria felt herself have heartburn and chest pains that she saw a doctor. The doctor advised that she has a heart bypass as her arteries were congested.

Open heart surgery at 28 years old

Brandon Fairweather's story in his own words

Paralysed but happy to be alive

A dynamic individual who had a passion for entrepreneurship and people development, Chandoo Naran Kasan was the Director of a men’s trouser manufacturer.  Kasan, a charismatic man, was cherished by his family, friends, and colleagues. It has been 39 years since he has been paralyzed from eight major strokes and 16 TIAs.

The gift of life, by Hermann Steyn

The Waiting List Over 4 300 people in South Africa are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and that number increases every day. Despite the shortage of organs, those on the Waiting List live in a constant state of hope that their name will be the next called on the list.