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5 ways to add value on Mandela Day

Time, a commodity so valued that we use it to honour our former and late President, Nelson Mandela, by spending 67 minutes giving back to South Africa. This is a most fitting way to celebrate the birthday of our very own world icon on 18 July. Although 67 minutes may sound like a little time to give back the community, some people still struggle in getting out of their usual routine. We suggest you try setting aside time for at least one of these 5 heart warming activities on Mandela Day:

Help out at a soup kitchen: Whether you are making the soup, preparing sandwiches, or serving it with a smile and some kind words, this is a noble way to spend your 67 minutes with people who often feel unseen and left by the wayside.

Visit the local orphanage: Take along some much needed essentials like nappies, wet wipes, soap, cereal and non-perishable foods. All these important items make a very big difference in the lives of little ones who rely on the kindness of others to see to their needs. Giving them your attention can bring them a lot of happiness. You can teach your own children appreciation by allowing them to take their used toys and clothes to the orphanage, this will teach them the importance of giving from a young age.

Read to the elderly: Taking time to read to the elderly is a huge treat for them as they are often overlooked and forgotten. You can read a funny story or a feel good story and give them your undivided attention, even just by having a hearty conversation you can make them feel like there is light and hope in the world.

Let your 67 minutes grow: Many communities need a lot of help in starting sustainable gardens to help feed communities in the long run. If you have a particular interest in gardening (green fingers), try to assist a disadvantaged community by helping them plant a lovely vegetable garden that can yield wholesome foods from such as potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, spinach and carrots. Equip them with the knowledge to sustain an ongoing garden crop and donate any gardening tools or seeds.

Take time to teach a skill: Teaching a disadvantaged community to garden is a great way of relaying a skill and empowering a community. You can give back to the community with whichever skill you have to offer, so if your expertise is health education, tutoring school subjects, teaching someone how to bake, or even how to read, use your knowledge by spreading it. These are all good ways to help give back and empower those less fortunate than us.

If you do find yourself unable to give from your time, try to make a monetary donation and keep up the monthly habit because every little bit helps make a big difference. You are welcome to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2a9D8rP